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Why stress over your decisions, when you can make informed choices that will support you in being happier, more successful, and in alignment with your dreams and values?

Ways of getting clarity:

  • Deep Dives on a particular topic or situation.

  • Rapid Fire Specifics where I answer as many of your questions as I can in the time allotted.

  • Exploring each of your potential options, when you are faced with needing to make a choice.

Book a Phone Reading

Scheduling and Paying

  • Just above, click on the option of minutes that you would like .

  • Fill out the form and pay with Paypal or Square.

  • Or, if you prefer sending a check, I will need to receive and clear it before the reading, so make sure there is adequate time.  You will need to email or call to set your appointment time and let me know you are sending a check.
    Send check to:

    Akasha Madron
    P.O. Box 2823
    Berkeley, CA 94702

 How I do readings

  •  My readings are done over the phone.

  •  If you prefer Zoom video chat, please let me know in the notes. 

  •  I make a recording of the session, but I also encourage you to take notes or make your own recording, as technology does not always work well.  I also take pictures of your cards and send them via email or hightail.

  •  During your session, find a place where you won’t be distracted.  It is important that you are totally focused and present during the reading so that your situation and questions are transmitted clearly. 

Want to learn more? Read my Frequently Asked Questions page:

Disclaimer: In accordance with the law, all tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only.  I am NOT a lawyer, psychologist, financial advisor, nor health care professional and my services do not replace them.  

Cancellation Policy

Please respect my time and other’s by canceling or rescheduling appointments 24 hours or more in advance.

I offer no refunds for any service that has already been given. If you need to cancel your appointment and do so 24 hours in advance, your payment will be credited toward a future appointment or it can be refunded minus a $5 administration fee.

If you do not provide a 24-hour notice, your fee for the appointment will be forfeited. No credit will be issued for same-day cancellations or no-shows, unless it is an emergency.

Policies and disclaimers can be viewed HERE

 Disclaimer:  The Tarot deck and I do not make the decision for you.  We explore, clarify, and suggest action steps to make it easier for you to navigate your situation.  The guidance from a reading is just that, guidance.  It shows you how the energy is and can tell you where the energy is going at the time of the reading, but it is not absolute.  Anything can happen to change the trajectory of your future. (see my FAQ page for a longer explanation on this)