Working with Akasha has been an eye opening experience, with life changing revelations. I find the Tarot Readings with Akasha to be an added support of what I already know internally. The “quick reads” are the best for my needs. She gets to it, doesn’t need to know anything about my situation, and allows for the flow of the process to be the guiding force. I have ALWAYS received what I have needed on every occasion working with Akasha. Her kindness and thorough nature are keys. Her gifts are a great resource!
— Monica Zimmerman
Akasha is very psychic and is able to see the energy of what is behind something very clearly. She is able to see past illusion and to the truth that may be hidden. She expresses this clearly and gives good advice on how to best proceed with the energy that is there. I also feel she can keep a clear neutrality when reading and is also very open-minded and accepting of whatever choices I’ve made in my life. Mostly to put it simply- I trust her a lot, and I can’t say that about many people.

Akasha’s readings have helped me proceed with more knowledge and insight as I’ve gone on my journey. She’s helped me make decisions which can often hold me up for a long time. Her readings have often validated what I was feeling, thinking at a time when I really needed external validation. Her readings have also saved me from getting involved with bad situations and people, and given me the truth when all I was seeing was confusion.
— Laura Morgan
Akasha has helped move my business in a direction more aligned with my values. Her tarot readings helped clarify my business goals and decisions. Powered by her information and inspiration, I have taken my business to the next level.
— Rosemary Zappulla
Having had many readings with Akasha, I am always impressed by her generosity of spirit. When I am struggling with a decision, she holds space and helps me connect with what my feelings and intuition are trying to tell me. It helps me get out of my churning thoughts about the subject and connect to a deeper sense of knowing. Priceless!
— Saundra Wolfe
I went into my session with Akasha very distraught about some challenging relationship issues, and her grounded and calm presence immediately put me at ease. As we moved through the reading my anxiety and emotionally triggered state relaxed. The messages the cards were sending felt like a fresh perspective on my situation, while resonating deeply with imagery and symbolism. The reading gave me space and perspective to view my challenges with fresh eyes, and Akasha gave me some practical tools & practices to work with the energy that was revealed. Throughout the day I felt renewed energy, and a sense of calm awareness that I definitely did not have coming in! It’s clear that Akasha is a gifted practitioner who has honed her skills over many years. I look forward to working with her again!
— Tenaya Amelia, Fairfax, CA