Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tarot?

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards with 5 suits:  air, fire, water, earth, and ether.  It is used as one of the more popular tools of Divination.

What is Divination

A lot of people perceive divination as solely for telling the future, but I see it as the practice of seeking clarification and guidance about living one's life.  Humans have instinctively used many means of divination throughout time, from the I Ching, runes, tea leaves, and tarot to bibliomancy (seeking insight from the first words you see when you randomly open a book). Divination is one of the methods we use to understand the situations we experience.

How do Tarot cards work?

Tarot is a means of perceiving past the clutter of our thoughts and fears.  It shows, in symbol form, what the true essence of a situation is.  It can pull away the veil concealing the unseen energies lurking beneath the surface.

I, the Tarot Reader, am an interpreter of these energetic symbols and can help you perceive clearly what the cards are saying.  I am also responsible for helping you, the Querant (the person asking), formulate the questions that can help you gain the greatest insight into your situation. 

No one knows, in mechanical terms, exactly how Tarot works, i.e., what determines the cards that show up in each reading. There is no clear, agreed-upon explanation.

From my decades of experience reading tarot, I find that a Tarot deck is like a TV, radio, or computer monitor.  The Tarot deck works as a receiver and a broadcaster of information. 

The deck is kind of like the Captain of a ship and The Reader is the First Mate to the Captain.  All the spirit guides are the rest of the crew and the Querant is the person hiring the ship to take them to a specific destination.

According to physics, everything is made up of vibrating energy.  The Tarot deck absorbs the vibrations of the focused questions and situations from the Querant.  The deck also receives all of the energetic information from the Querant, their guides, guardians, soul, the devas and other beings, the energy signatures of the places, situations, and other persons involved, the reader's guides, their communities, and the broader energies of the world.  It's just picking up all of those signals, like a satellite dish.  This is also why tarot readings can be done over long distances; the vibrations travel just like a video or song that you download or stream.

The Reader and the Querant give focus to all of the information the deck receives by asking the specific questions or by the positions of the tarot spread.  The deck uses its energy and its imagery to communicate the answers.  The Reader translates the answer that the deck is giving. 

Unlike a satellite dish, the tarot deck is not an inanimate object.  It has its own vibration, wisdom and energetic signature. The deck’s strengths come from the art, myth, and intention infused into it from the author and artist.  It picks up its wisdom from all the readings the deck participates in.

Also, it establishes its own personality via the relationship it forges with the Tarot Reader. I had two decks before I found the one that was effortless for me to read. Now I have 3 main ones that I have used for over 30 years. I have one that is the best for practical every day life questions, one for relationship questions, another for deep soul questions.  And yes, they each have their own names. I also have other decks that I use to augment my main decks.

How can a Tarot reading help me?

As a Reader, I focus on helping you navigate your life to go where you desire it to go.  A reading can help you perceive what energies are around you, what is helping you, and what the blocks are and how to deal with them.   

If you have to make a decision between multiple options, I will answer questions about each option so that it is easier for you to make an informed decision.    I can also help you talk through each option so you can get clear on how you feel about each one.

If you read it in the cards does that mean I'm stuck with what it says is going to happen?

In my opinion, the future is not set in stone.  I believe we all have the power to change the story.  Even a small shift can take a path in an entirely new direction. 

The words future, destiny, and fate come up a lot in regards to tarot reading.  In fact many people are afraid to get one because they are afraid to know their future, thinking it is unchangeable. 

If the future is not set in stone, then how do you define fate and destiny?

The etymology of Fate means "spoken by the gods." Destiny means "the inexorable force that shapes and controls lives and events."

I think of it as The Doctor does in Dr. Who.  There are some fixed points or meetings in one's timeline that are going to happen no matter what.  But there are other points in time that can be changed.

I do believe in fate.  I do feel that we are destined to meet certain people or experience events at specific times in our lives.  Things happen, but how we respond to them does determine our course.  Yes, there are things one cannot prevent, but you can change how you prepare for or respond to situations.  You can have a more resilient point of view as a result of the knowledge you get from divination. 

Tips for asking good questions:

  • If you don’t want to know the answer to a question, don’t ask.

  • Always lead with your burning question, not your practical one.  The Tarot always answers the questions in your heart, not your head.

  • When asking a yes or no question, make sure it truly is one that can be answered with a yes or a no.  Don’t add an “or” to it, because that is a very different question!

What is the difference between going to a Tarot reader versus doing a reading for myself?

I’ll tell you a secret.  I don’t do my own tarot readings if I can help it.  I just can’t hear the cards when I’m the one doing the asking.  I can read them if I am desperate, but most of the time when I pull cards for myself, I look at them and think, “Yeah.  And?”  Then I stare at them for awhile and then put them away.  I just can’t get the perspective I need for myself. 

 I love getting readings from other people though:

 1.  You get a different point of view from someone who is outside of the situation. 

 2.  You can feel in your body when what the reader says is right or wrong.  It is easier to feel that ZING of “yes, that’s it!”  or “No, that’s not quite right” or “No, that’s not it.” when you are hearing someone else speak it. Your body’s signals of truth are so much louder that way.

 3. As a result of #2, above, you learn more of your Intuition’s language and strengthen your ability to hear and understand it. 

 4.  You have someone to talk to and to strategize with, which means you are not alone and you have support. 

 5. You get a reality check about your perceptions in the situation. 

I always feel so much clearer and relieved after getting a reading from someone.

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